Friday, April 23, 2010

Highlights From The Bright Lights - Monday

Monday at Collaborate 10 proved to be a pretty interesting day.

I woke up Monday morning certain of one fact: I'd be very excited to be part on an early implementation of Fusion Applications. If you're going that route and want help, we should talk.

In Charles Phillips' portion of the keynote address, we learned that Sun Sparc Solaris will be the flagship OS going forward and the Oracle-Sun stack will be the preferred stack going forward; all the innovation will roll out on this platform first. Linux will continue to be supported, but Sun Sparc Solaris is king once again. To that end, Oracle Enterprise Manager will be integrated (maybe expanded would be the better word here) with the Oracle full Oracle-Sun stack.

Thomas Kurian shared the news that Oracle Corp. has been live on EBS 12.1.2 since last October. He also announced the new Orcale Financial Close Management and Disclosure Management applications - both founded on Hyperion/Essbase. He also announced the strategy of using GoldenGate to integrate OLTP reporting in a separate instance. He also gave us a sneak peek at the new Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Steven Chan's presentation, as always, was interesting. I found it intriguing to hear that Oracle is now running some development instances on Amazon's EC2 cloud.

John Stouffer's EBS upgrade versus reimplement panel was also fun. I took more than my share of good-natured hazing from the technical folks on the panel. But I just let it slide, 'cause sometimes it's good therapy to let those slow-witted techies think they're clever ;). After engaging in that panel, my own impression remains the same: reimplementing is like getting a root cannel...without anesthesia...while in an IRS lobby waiting for your tax audit. The best path for EBS customers is usually the upgrade path. Don't reimplement unless you absolutely, positively, without a doubt must do so.

On to Tuesday!

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