Monday, April 26, 2010

Highlights From The Bright Lights - Tuesday

OK, I know what you're thinking...that Floyd is one heck of a slacker! Here it is 4 days after Collaborate 10 closed out and he's still posting show highlights. To be honest, I got sidetracked by a developing situation that required my attention...not going to talk about it just yet, but think "book" (among other things). So let me refocus and wrap up the highlights for the last days of the show...starting with Tuesday.

Tuesday was pretty much spent focusing on EBS. Spent some time hanging out on the exhibition floor with Art Dowd and Mark Clark from O2Works, just chatting about the state of the industry and comparing notes on R12 Upgrade experiences. Then did the same thing at the TruTek booth with Barb Matthews, just chatting with EBS customers who wandered by. Did the same thing throughout the day, just wandering the hallways. The consensus lined up with my own upgrade experiences so far: the technical portion of the upgrade runs fairly smoothly if you successfully research and apply all the pre- and post-upgrade patches relevant to your particular configuration (admittedly a mighty big "if"); but I did not find a single Financials customer who did not struggle with upgrading AP. That same story was consistent with what I heard from customers while sitting on the Upgrade SIG Panel later in the day. Funny thing - I had private chats with several customers from the U.S. Northeast who are struggling with upgrades and roadmaps, but have yet to check in with the great resources available from the Northeast GEO...somebody help me with the logic on that one?

My one non-EBS activity was speaking with the South Central GEO. Spent about 20 minutes contrasting and comparing the upgrade paths for Fusion Apps 1.0 and EBS 12.1.2...OK, I guess I never did stop the EBS focus after all ;)

Next up is Wed. & Thurs.

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jpiwowar said...

"The consensus lined up with my own upgrade experiences so far..."

Add one more voice to that chorus, if you're keeping score. Technical side relatively smooth, functional a bit less so. Though for us, it was ZX (E-Business Tax) that was the most thorny bit. :-)


John P.