Monday, April 26, 2010

Highlights From The Bright Lights - Wednesday

So what did I do with my Wednesday?

Oracle's Lisa Parekh gave a great presentation on EBS Technology Essentials...I had trouble keeping pace with my note taking, because the session was packed with great content. I found the material on enterprise search in EBS to be pretty interesting.

I caught up with old friend Steve Sutphin and we compared notes on R12 upgrades...same experiences as those in my previous post, but it was good to hear it from a seasoned vet.

Had the good fortune to attend the EBS RAC Customer Advisory Board meeting. They have some really juicy projects on the table that I probably can't talk about (darn those pesky NDAs)...we're going to see some great innovation coming here, and I'm hoping it shows up quickly.

Also got some time in with the Usability Labs, which is always a real hoot. More on this later, because it rates a post of it's own. If you want to get a feel for Oracle's future direction, get into one of these hands-on labs. It's time well-spent.

So now it's on to Thursday...

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