Thursday, September 16, 2010

OOW - One More Thing

So as Oracle OpenWorld approaches, I'd like to point out one more session that may be worthy of your consideration.

For the first time, we'll see a track at OpenWorld directly positioned to Oracle Applications customers interested in leveraging Fusion Middleware ("FMW"). If you're considering extending your applications functionality with FMW, I'd recommend one session in particular:

Hasan Rizvi's General Session: Maximize the Value of Your Oracle Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware. It's Tuesday at 12:30 in Room 102 of Moscone South.

Why do I think this session could be special? First, we'll hear how Nextel and Hologic are using FMW components with their Oracle Applications. Second, we'll see a mobile app demo that uses ADF Mobile with the E-Business Suite (this alone makes it worth attending in my book).

You may want to put this session on your calendar…

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