Monday, September 20, 2010

OOW - Sunday

A big Sunday at what is shaping up to be a big OpenWorld…so big that Larry Ellison will gave a keynote this evening and plans another keynote for Wednesday. I had a little trouble keeping up with the stream of new announcements this evening, but a little help from my Twitter pals has kept me on track. Some of the highlights:

Cloud Computing

Oracle dove into the cloud computing business with a new hardware-software middleware machine branded the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud server. The new product scales to 30 6-core servers connected by Infiniband networking and is compatible with the Exadata Database Machine. In addition to the new product, Ellison announced the formation of a Cloud Services division. All in all, a pretty big turnaround for a guy who poo-poo'd the cloud computing concept as recently as two years ago.

Forkin' Linux

Oracle announced that it will distribute it's own Linux kernel, Unbreakable Enterprise Linux, in addition to continuing a Red Hat-compatible offering. The upshot here is optimizing OS performance for the Exalogic Elastic Cloud server mentioned above. So now Oracle customers will be able to choose between Oracle-branded Red Hat and Oracle's fork off the Red Hat kernel.

Fusion Applications

Ellison announced that the first release of Fusion Applications will generally available in the first quarter of 2011, with seven suites of 100 different products. Customers will be able to purchase individual products or a full suite. The lineup consists of Financials, Project Portfolio Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), and Supply Chain Management (which includes the app getting my vote for the best acronym - Distributed Order Orchestration or "DOO").

We'll see much more of Fusion Apps throughout the conference, so ya'all will have another chance to see why I'm so excited about this product release.

More coming…this definitely will not be a dull week!

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