Thursday, February 21, 2013

Multi-Tenancy and 12c Speculation

Since Oracle announced their SaaS offerings, I've watched the debate over the importance of multi-tenancy ping-pong between the pro and con teams.  Good points on both sides of this argument, which I won't recap in this space.  Check here and here for some background on both schools of thought.

What interests me are some of the new features in the upcoming Oracle 12c database.  In particular, the "pluggable database" features:
  • Oracle-provided metadata and data is provided in the CDB (Container Database)
  • User-specific metadata and data is kept in the PDB (Pluggable Database)
  • Many PDBs may plug into a single CDB
  • Public synonyms and database links reside in the PDBs rather than the CDB; no namespace clashes
So a single CDB may have multiple PDBs and the PDBs are user-specific and the CDB is more generic.  I'm thinkin'...I'm thinkin'...hmmm...multi-tenancy...PDBs...CDB...with a service-oriented middleware architecture.  Maybe we're seeing the start of something new?  What do you think?  Comments welcome.


Frank Scavo said...

Floyd, I've thought about this and i do think the approach has merit, especially for "heavy" applications and in cases where migration to/from a cloud provider is required (as in case with Oracle's promise).

The pluggable database concept, if it works as advertised, is sort of a middle ground between fully single tenant apps and database and fully multi-tenant apps and database. There are other providers that go with multi-tenant application and single tenant database. But Oracle's approach (again, as advertised) gains economies of scale and consolidated administration of all customers within that container database.

Tim... said...

Yep, yep, yep.

That is exactly right...

Note. All I know is what I saw at OOW2012... :-)



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