Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collaborate 13 Teaser

Those of you who follow either this blog or my Twitter account (@fteter) know that I've been up to my eyeballs in new product development over the past three or four months.  You know that I've been using ADF Essentials in building that product.  You also know that my team at EiS Technologies is planning to roll out the new product on a Controlled Availability Release basis at Collaborate 13.

A few notes on the overall experience:
  •  ADF Essentials has not only performed better than advertised, it's changed our development team's thinking about how applications are developed.
  • Thanks to ADF Essentials, we've built this product from scratch in under four months.
  • The ADF Design Patterns, the ADF Rich Client User Interface Guidelines and the UX Direct tools were huge enablers in increasing productivity and cutting development cycle time.

Time for me to shut up now and let the product speak for itself.  Here is a landing page screen shot from our latest iteration.

Take a look.  Zoom in. Blow up the screen shot.  Leave first impressions in the comments.


Misha Vaughan said...

Simple, elegant, beautiful, nice job. Looking forward even more to your collaborate presentation.

erpfox said...

more than wonderful I wish you a good luck

fteter said...

@Misha: Thank you for the compliments. This is actually one of the more complex parts of the app, so I'm a bit worried about that.
@erpfox: Thank you so much!

UVOX said...

Great use of reusable usability and code solutions Floyd, thanks for sharing! Smart productivity!

Ultan O'Broin (Oracle Apps-UX) said...

Great use of reusable solutions for usability and code, Flyod. Thanks for sharing such smart productivity. Impressive UI!

Tim Warner said...

Floyd, impressive. Looking forward to the announcement :) See you in Denver