Monday, January 06, 2014

Fusion Applications: Some Suggested Reading

I just finished a really nifty book:  Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook.  Required reading for anyone working with Fusion Applications.

The organization of the book is one of the reasons I highly recommend it.  The first four chapters lay out a foundation of knowledge need by anyone working with Fusion Applications in a functional or technical role.  The remaining 11 chapters provide deep detail (including instructions with pictures) on personalizing, extending, and customizing Fusion Applications.  Loads of very cool techniques: I learned a few new tricks on how to use Jdeveloper and ADF with Fusion Applications without really messing up the works.

I was also impressed that the authors also tackle some of the more complex subjects fundamental to Fusion Application:  Run Time and Design Time Customization of SOA Components, Enterprise Scheduler Processing, and Integration with Fusion Applications.  On the latter subject, the fact that the authors shared details on the widely-unknown gems of Bulk Export and Bulk Import was very impressive.

The e-book version is destined for my iPad as part of my “go to” reference set.  If you’re working with Fusion Applications, you may want to consider adding this book to your toolkit as well.  It’s the real deal.

You can find and order the book at Amazon or Oracle Press.

Virtual tip o’ the hat to authors Vladimir Ajvaz, Anil Passi, and Dhaval Mehta - plus technical editor Gustavo Gonzalez.

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Bob Rhubart said...

Floyd, I'm doing a video interview with two of the authors -- Vlad and Anil -- this Thursday (Jan 9). That interview should be available later that day. I'm also scheduling a podcast interview with all three authors, date TBA.