Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Xprtly - Extreme Coolness

Something cool happened today…something extremely cool.  Xprtly was released into public beta.

What in the heck is Xprtly?  The best way to describe it is a cloud-based support platform, with a mobile application and a web interface for administration.  The idea is to connect users with support personnel who can respond to issues as they arise.  Xprtly also allows for data collection of both user and support personnel behavior, plus analytics of that collected idea - which can result in improved support performance, identification of additional training areas for both users and support personnel, and reductions in total cost of ownership for enterprise software.

Admittedly, my description doesn’t really do Xprtly justice.  Check out the website here.  Watch some scenario videos here and here.  Get a rough idea of how the mobile app works here.

As luck would have it, I’ve had an early peek at Xprtly.  What’s cool about this app is that, especially for users, it’s easy to use.  Great UX.  Mobile app:  Log in, pick your preferred response method (email, IM, phone call, etc.), describe your issue, submit the request.  Done. Help follows.  Simple. Clean. Easy.

Now, I understand that internal support applications are not a new idea. But, IMHO, the ease of use (a focus on simple elegance) of the entire platform plus the built in reporting capabilities are differentiating factors.  Enabling users by applying a new design approach approach to an old idea.

Xprtly was developed for your phone.  But I also see it as a future candidate for wearable tech (including Google Glass).  

Don’t you love it when small companies do extremely cool stuff?  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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