Monday, November 25, 2013

Oracle Fusion HCM - The Kettle Is Beginning To Boil

It appears as though Oracle Fusion HCM is beginning to make some serious traction in the marketplace.  We're seeing more interest and more customer acceptance.  I offer three items to make my point:

1.  Ventana Research awarded their 2013 Technology Innovation Award for Business Innovation in Human Capital Management to Oracle Fusion HCM.

2.  Several recent Fusion HCM Go-Live Announcements:
      -  American Career College and West Coast University
      -  CAJ Senior Health Care
      -  Toshiba Medical Systems

3.  Some significant and hard-fought sales wins:
        - BT Invests
        - Siemens

None of this is really a surprise to me.  In fact, the ball is getting rolling a bit early from my POV.  Looking at market history, it takes about 5 years from a general availability release of new Oracle packaged enterprise apps before we begin to see success…Oracle plays a long game with new product releases, especially in the enterprise applications world.  Remember when Oracle's Steve Miranda continually reminded us that Fusion Applications were more of a journey than an endpoint?  GA of strong product + willingness to play the long game + incremental development...this is what Steve meant.

Connecting the dots here, and being aware of increased customer interest in Fusion HCM in the US market, I see this as the beginning of the tipping point for Fusion HCM.  

As Oracle continues to emphasize HCM on cloud, a SaaS approach for small and medium enterprises, and a continued effort of incremental development for Fusion HCM, I expect to see an even bigger build of momentum in 2014.  

The kettle is beginning to boil!  


PeopleSoft Jobs said...

This is an interesting post. While a do agree that they are starting to make some traction, they have a very long way to go before early adopters of ERP packages like PeopleSoft will make a drastic switch to something like Fusion.

fteter said...

@PeopleSoft Jobs: I tend to agree that the PSFT folks will be at the tail end of Fusion HCM adoption. They're already got most...not all, but most...of the Fusion HCM goodness as it is. Net new customers, EBS customers, and maybe some JDE customers - those folks will be closer to the front of the wave than the PSFT users.

Unknown said...

Oracle just pitched Fusion to us, a current public sector EBS 11i customer. Any thoughts on Fusion in the public sector. I hear encumbrance accounting is coming later this year. Do we want to be the first in the states?

fteter said...

@D Bryant: Making the move from EBS 11i to Fusion is a tough one...I'd rather see you on R12 before you did that. And, yes, encumbrance accounting for the Cloud should arrive later in 2014. BTW, you won't be the first public sector customer...part of the DOE went live about two years ago on a private cloud. If I were thinking Fusion, I'd consider two things: 1) what business value does Fusion offer that I can't get in EBS? 2) Would I be better off adopting Fusion incrementally, through CoExistence, rather than a full rip and replace? Let me know if you want to talk through it.