Monday, January 07, 2008

Orablog Tag

I've been blog tagged by Jake over at Oracle Apps Lab has started a new blog tag game of "Orablog Tag" and has tagged me in his initial round. Although I'm thinking Jake may too much time on his hands ;), I'm always up for a new game, so here we go:

1. I'm a darn fine BBQ and grilling chef. Might even try to make the "Memphis In May" BBQ cooking contest this year.

2. My family roots are German and Dutch. In fact, I grew up being pretty fluent in German as well as English. I don't speak German so well anymore, as I'm out of practice, but I still read it very well.

3. My wife and I have seven children between us, ranging in age from 26 to 20 (there's a set of twins in there). I'm very proud of each one of them and consider raising them to be the accomplishment of my life. Also diggin' the first grandchild, who showed up last November.

4. I've seen most of the continental United States at one time or another. My father worked for the U.S. Geological Survey as a surveying engineer in the Topographic Map division. I'd seen and lived in 40 of the 48 continental states by the time I was in 7th grade. To date, I've been in 45 of the lower 48.

5. I spent a brief amount of time as a lawyer. Yup, law degree and the whole bit. Found the law to be very unfulfilling - Shakespeare was right. Still use the legal training and knowledge every day, but have zero interest in ever practicing law.

6. Like Jake, who tagged me for this, I have a background in fighting. There's a couple of Gold Glove trophies and some other stuff in some box in a garage somewhere. However, I lost the mindset for the whole fighting thing many years ago.

7. I've been a shutterbug for years and I'm starting to get serious about my digital photography. Getting decent with black & white, but color is still driving me batty. My goal is to start posting stock photos during 2008. Like my father before me, I'm a Canon man, in case anybody's asking...

8. I still haven't figured out what made my lovely and talented wife marry so far beneath her station in life. What I did to deserve this kind of luck is a mystery for the ages.

I'll tag Rich Manalang, Steven Chan, Tim Dexter, Linda Fishman Hoyle, Richard Byrom, Chris Warticki, Steve Romeo, and John Stouffer (who can use ORCLville to post his 8). You'll all be getting email from me to confirm. So it's tag, and ya'all are now it.


Jake said...

Wow, Golden Gloves, color me impressed. My stand-up needs a lot of work, if you're free :)

As for too much time on my hands, I'm catching up on blog topics from weeks/months ago during the dead time when the rest of you slackers take vacation.

Plus, it's fun for me to learn about you all. I like to stay entertained. Thanks for playing along.

John said...

Well, those are really big shoes to follow - thanks Floyd! I *think* i did something good in the 3rd grade but I'll come up with my 8 items.

Jake does have way too much time on his hands...:-)

Ontario Emperor said...


I just saw your comments at Eddie Awad's post on the so-called spam issue, including your comments on understanding a person and his/her biases, as well as your question about how to better strengthen the Oracle user community. Both very good points.

fteter said...

@ontario emperor: thanks for the support. It seems you're on the other side of the fence on the whole "blog tag" thing, and I can see your point. Just wish we could build some type of filtering system so that those who want to play could do so without too much disturbance to those who don't.