Friday, September 25, 2009

A Chance To Do Good

This is a little off the subject for this blog, but I'm hoping that this is an opportunity for each of us to do a good turn and make the world a little better place.

A friend of a friend is working on her PhD at Cornell...while undergoing chemotherapy. She's now working on the research for her thesis. That research includes gathering and analyzing survey data.

Now, I've written a couple of these in my life (one for my undergrad degree and another for my grad degree). I never want to do another thesis...I'd sooner cut off my goatee with a spoon. Gathering and analyzing data is hard work as it is...I can't even imagine doing this work while undergoing chemo. I think what we have here is a determined woman who could use our help in conquering a significant challenge.

Each of us can help in two ways:

1) I've already participated in the survey. Took less than 5 minutes of my time. Smart people will rip through it in much less time. You can take the survey here.

2) Spread the word. The more, the merrier. Twitter, Facebook, IM, email, text, word of mouth, write it up on your own blog, whatever. Get the word out so that more people can help.

So, if you're still looking to do your good deed for the day, here is a great opportunity. Get involved!

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Surachart said...

I'd like a chance to do good. Your idea is nice.
I'll find a way adapt it...

Thank You