Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Collaborate Teasers

Since I put up the Collaborate 13 Teaser post revealing the Welcome screen for the new EiS Technologies Reporting and BI product, I've been swamped by folks asking to see more.

Keep in mind that there are some limits on what I can say before Collaborate 13 (I may not work at Oracle, but it sure feels that way at the moment).  Still, one particular request seems like it won't get me in too much trouble:  "C'mon, Floyd.  You have 5 tabs in the screen you've shared.  Can't you at least show us the other 4 tabs?"  Yeah, I can do that...











Still some work left to do on the UX Design, especially with the Dashboards portion, but it's coming along.  Feedback, opinions, suggestions...all welcome.

And be sure to see EiS Technologies at Collaborate for a live drive after the new product announcement (Monday of Collaborate week, if all goes according to plan).

One more thing...I'll be need some charitable contributions until I find some work in the event I get fired for sharing this...just keep that in mind ;)



Ultan O'Broin (Oracle Apps-UX) said...

That's the problem with great looking UIs - users just keep wanting more when you show us what you're capable of! Nice. You just know they'll want a mobile version next (cough)! Super job Floyd. Shame I can't make it to Collab13 and I missing out on all this good stuff, live!

fteter said...

@Ultan: Thanks for the compliment. Mobile is already in the works ;)

If you're at HQ in May for the ADF UX workshop, we can do a special live drive for ya.

Misha Vaughan said...

You will be demoing this at the May event. It's on the agenda now.