Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Oracle EBS 12.2.2 Fresh Install - Done

I've finished the fresh install of an Oracle EBS 12.2.2 Vision instance in my test environment (install 12.2 and then apply the 12.2.2 RUP).  Strictly vanilla, no customizations.  I'll be doing the validation testing to make sure everything is functional when I get back from this week's business trip.

My original plan was to lay out the entire install step-by-step for all of you.  However, the way things turned out, it would be a little dishonest if I did.  A couple of other folks have already done most of the work here, and I relied heavily on their experiences in my own install.  So, rather than "borrowing" or replicating what they wrote, let's just give credit where credit is due...along with a "thank you".

I've listed the great reference docs from Oracle in my prior post on this subject, so I'll focus here on material from non-Oracle employees - I could not have finished without their contributions:
  • Pythian's John Piwowar provides some great preparation notes for installing a 12.2 Vision instance here.
  • The Online Apps DBA, Atul Kumar, walks in detail through both the preparation and the install of EBS 12.2 here and here.
Most of my time on this effort went into planning and research.  The time for the install itself was a comparative drop in the bucket.  I suspect that will be true for all fresh installs (upgrades even more so).

I'm sure I'll have some observations to share as I continue to test my install, and I'll be sure to share them here.  In the meantime, check the Oracle reference docs as well as the blog posts from John and Atul before you try this.  And keep in mind that it went well for me, so it can't be all that difficult, right?


Yury said...

Thanks for mentioning Pythian and my teammate work

Jags said...

12.2 is different animal altogether with different techstack and online patching.
You can some good material on it here