Monday, September 30, 2013

EBS 12.2.2 - First We Read

As I work through the EBS 12.2.2 fresh install, I'm focusing in on details.  Hoping that doing so will add more value to those of you out there about to dive in for yourself.

So, the first step:  reading.  Yup, back away from the groovy technical stuff and great ready to make like a virtual sponge, soaking up lots of info.  The docs you'll want to read before you even think about planning the install (listed in no particular order):

  • The EBS 12.2.0 Installation Guide: Rapid Install
  • Doc  1506669.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.2 Readme
  • Doc 1320300.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes, Release 12.2
  • Doc 1376487.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA (AD) Release Notes for Release 12.2.2
  • Doc 1330701.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.2) for Linux x86-64 (note the 702, 703 and 704 versions for other operating systems)
  • Doc 1355068.1 Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Patching Technology Components Guide
  • Doc 1155883.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Desktop Client Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Doc 389422.1 Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
  • Doc 1560906.1 Applying the Release 12.2.2 AD and TXK Release Update Packs
  • Doc 1314621.1 Oracle E-Business NLS Release Notes, Release 12.2
  • Doc 1376618.1 Oracle E-Business Technology Stack Release Notes for Release 12.2.2
  • Doc 1469456.1 Datainstall and HRGlobal Application 12.2 Specifics
Additionally, my constant reference throughout the install process will be Doc 405565.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Installation Guidelines, which lists all the changes made by Oracle since the last publication of the guide and knowledge documents for installing Release 12.2.

So, if I don't post for the next few days, rest assured it's because I'm reading...and re-reading...and reading again in the attempt to soak all this information up.

SIDE NOTE:  I was asked earlier today to provide a source for my estimates regarding disk space and to provide an estimate to disk space growth for a "typical" upgrade from 12.1.3 to 12.2.2.  A few points to be made here:
  1. Estimates on a "typical" implementation of any type of technology give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  There is no such thing as "typical" in the tech world...every implementation is a bit different.  I worry about providing bad guidance.  But, for those who insist on knowing, my "worst case" planning yardstick on upgrading from any EBS dot release to the next one is 20 percent database growth.  Also keep in mind that, with the new file system and on-line patching technology, you're likely to chew up a pretty significant amount of extra disk space.  Disk space is cheap, no sense in not buying long here. 
  2. My source for planning any type of upgrade is the latest upgrade doc.  For 11i to 12.2 requirements (and lots of other useful info), see the Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide:  11i to 12.2.; Check pages 1-11 through 1-13 for good minimum starting points.
Hope ya'all are getting some value out of my ramblings on this subject.  Should I keep going with this?  Hit the comments and let me know.

UPDATE: And then we read a little more. The EBS 12.2 Information Center came up on My Oracle Support earlier today.  Doc 1581299.1.  Add this to your list of critical reference docs.


Anonymous said...

I found the secret to my success in early R12 upgrades was to read, read, and then read some more, before jumping into the upgrade. Thanks for the great information Floyd!

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